equipment is a necessity in a cost-efficient shop which provides the best quality while maintaining fast service to meet our customers' needs.

Below is a listing of our equipment to which we are constantly adding to remain competitive within the industry.

HAAS Machining Center VF-0E
HAAS Machining Center VF-4
HAAS Lathe SL-30
Bridgeport with Anilam Controller
8x12 Goodeway Lathe with Anilam Controller

Milling Equipment
14 Milling Machines

1 ea. 12x42" Clausing
2 ea. 15 x 50" Clausing
1 ea. 17 x 60" Clausing
1 ea. 21 x 100" Clausing
1 ea. 21 x 120" Clausing

Heat Treat
Spiro-Therm Electric

Lincoln 250 Wire Feed
Lincoln 150 Wire Feed
Idealarc Tig 300/300
Patterning Cutting

Excello Ram Type with 20 Amp Power Supply
TopRam Type with 50 Amp Power Supply

6x12 Boyar Shultz
6x18 Shultz
6x18 Harig
12x36 Brown & Sharpe
Delta Belt & Disc Sander

Arboga 1" Capacity
Morris Radial Arm 3" Capacity
Portable Drill to 1 1/2

Grob Vertical Band
DoAll Horizontal Band
DoAll Automatic Horizontal

Grob Deep Throat Vertical Band

Pressing Equipment
50 Ton Hyd. Dake
3 Ton Dake Arbor
5 Ton Press
45 Ton Punch Press

Laser Cutting
All types materials

Complete QC Lab